The Chainsmokers Announce They Will Be Producing A Movie Inspired By One Of Their Biggest Hits

The Chainsmokers have established dominance in both the world’s of dance music and pop. Having released chart-topping hits year after year, it seems like The Chainsmokers could not anything else to their plate, but naturally, they just announced a new massive undertaking.

Alex and Drew have announced their very own production company, and first project – a movie based off of their song ‘Paris’. Even though the film is in pre-production some interesting names have been attached to the project. Mickey Rapkin, who wrote the book which Pitch Perfect was inspired by will be penning the script to the film.

The Chainsmokers Announce Their First Movie

Kick The Habit Productions will be The Chainsmokers’ next project. The production company is a step into the next creative avenue the guys are looking to conquer. In a statement released on social media, the guys noted that their days of only producing music were over.

Instead, they are now focusing on several creative mediums to help their overall visions come to life. Whether the movie will feature Alex and Drew, or be entirely cast by actors is still up in the air. Knowing The Chainsmokers though, we can at least expect a cameo. Stay tuned for more details on the production as they become available.

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