Skrillex Stops By The Taco Bell Test Kitchen To Produce New Spicy Taco Collaborations

Skrillex has been a busy man recently. From trips to Burning Man to arrests with chart-topping rappers the legendary producer has found time to seemingly be everywhere at once.

Skrillex took some time off from wearing his producer hat today to celebrate a friends birthday with easily the coolest celebration you could ever imagine. Skrillex and friends headed over to the Taco Bell test kitchen to try and create some new recipes. As an authority with Taco Bell, I have to safely say that Sonny is onto something here with his creation. Will it appear on a menu you near you? Probably not, but hey stranger things have happened.

Check out the video below, as we all patiently await for Skrillex’s forthcoming album, marking his return to electronic dance music.

Skrillex Hits The Taco Bell Test Kitchen

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