Skrillex and Boys Noize Back In The Studio As The First Bog Blood Set In 2 Years Gets Closer

We have heard a lot of hype around Dog Blood’s return this year at Buku Music Festival. It will be the first time that Skrillex and Boys Noize will take the stage together since 2017 at HARD Day of the Dead. While their set at DOTD was absolutely masterful – there was no new music to be heard.

After several months of teasing the guys in the studio together, it looks very promising that fans of Boys Noize can expect some never before heard music this year in March.

Once again this weekend, Skrillex was seen in the studio with Boys Noize messing around on some analog synths. To say this is promising is a huge understatement. If there is one thing Skrillex is good at, it is building hype while keeping details vague, so while this is far from a confirmation, we would be surprised if some new music from this beloved duo is not on the horizon.

DOG BLOOD? from r/skrillex

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