Mau5trap Releases The Staggering 35-Track Compilation

Deadmau5‘s imprint Mau5trap is consistently one of the best labels in all of dance music. After a year of solid releases from label mainstays such as i_o, ATTLAS, and Deadmau5 himself, it seemed that Mau5trap would once again end up on top. In this case, it wasn’t how Mau5trap wrapped up its 2018 that was impressive but instead how it broke into the new year.

Today, Mau5trap released the eighth installment of its iconic compilation series, We Are Friends. The compilation album has a massive 35-track, 3.5 hour run time. It features established artists such as i_o, but also tons of new up and comers. This is one of the reasons why Mau5trap is so exciting – the label constantly works to help give talented producers a signal boost.

Take a listen to all 35 glorious tracks on this powerful compilation below.

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