Martin Garrix Updates Website With Major Announcement Teaser

Martin Garrix has something big cooking in the STMPD kitchen. While fans immediately prayed that it was an album, or at the very least the release of one of Garrix’s shelved collaborations, Garrix quickly took to Twitter to confirm that it was, in fact, none of the above.

So while we may not be getting a full album anytime soon, the Martin Garrix Hub has confirmed a true “dream collab” is being released this month.

The fan-run twitter page, and undisputed leader in all news related to Martin, has been further teasing the announcement today as well. Many fans are curious about the possibility of Garrix releasing a series of tunes in honor of ADE, just as he did in 2016. This rumor was only strengthened by The Hub who posted this today:

What will the announcement be this coming Monday? Only time will tell. For now, check out the new page which appeared on Garrix’s website this weekend.

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