Kaskade Releases Updated Version Of His EDM Christmas Album [STREAM]

In 2017, when Kaskade said he was working on an EDM Christmas album, the world stopped and laughed a bit. Then, the world heard it and immediately fell in love. Kaskade took the heart and soul of countless, timeless tracks and breathed new life into them with the help of an impressive list of collaborators. Now, Kaskade has updated his Christmas album just in time for the official start of the Christmas season.

Kaskade Chritmas

The new 2018 version of the album contains tracks from the previous installment as well as new productions. Across the board, this album is a ton of fun. It also serves a brilliant way to get people involved with dance music who have limited experience in the genre.

From Little Town to Winter Wonderland, Kaskade has once again perfect crafted and curated your holiday season soundtrack. Take a listen to the album, in all of its glory, below.

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