Five Playlists to Pre-Heat for Envision Fest

Are you headed to Costa Rica for Envision Fest? If so, it’s rapidly approaching and you’re hopefully getting all of your travel affairs in order. Passport? Check! Festie Gear? Check! Your smile and positive outlook on this huge upcoming adventure? Check! While you’re doing last minute packing and getting psyched for this community-focused international fest, check out this compilation of Envision-inspired playlists.  The playlist of playlists if you will. Diverse among electronic music types, explore artists performing at this tranquil jungle and beach fest in the heart of Costa Rica.

1. Bunny Wabbit – Envision Festival 2019 PL

Local energetic Costa Rican DJ, Bunny Wabbit, creates glitch-funk playlist to get you amped for artists like GRiZ, the Floozies, Santos & Zurdo, and Deya Dova. This collection of tracks includes experimental, funk, tribal, glitch hop, and bass house music that is bound to get you groovin’.

2. Envision: Latin American Artist Spotlight

Like the title mentions, this musically-diverse playlist features Latin American producers that will perform at Envision this year. Chances are, you’re traveling pretty far to experience all that this diverse jungle fest has to offer, right? Well it only makes sense to familiarize yourself with the Latin acts. This playlist includes all sorts of electronic music styles from trap to intricate percussion beats overlayed with sensual Spanish rap. And who knows, you might just find your favorite new producer and influence which sets you see!?

3. Envision Phase 2 Lineup

This lineup focuses on the second phase of artists announced on this year’s lineup. Featuring Saqi, Cualli, An-ten-nae, Govinda, and Too Many Zooz, this eclectic playlist will get you hyphy and warmed up for your Envision adventure whether it’s to upbeat or downtempo tracks. Listen to some of my personal favorites, “Temples in the Sky” by Saqi and “Steady as She Goes” by KMLN.

4. Envision 2019: Curated by Hedflux

For those of you that enjoy more of the darker, industrial style of electronica, I’d recommend you check out Hedflux’s unique playlist. Including several of his own productions and a myriad of other artists, this playlist is experimental in nature and might be described as “IDM” (Intelligent Dance Music), dark-wave, and glitch-tempo. Among the artists featured in this playlist are Bad Tango, Spatialize, and Symbolico, and Zen Baboon.

5. Envision 2019: Curated by Fernando Melo

Last, but certainly not least, is this groovy, jazzy playlist featuring Grouch in Dub, Bedouin, Detox Unit, and Lazy Syrup Orchestra to mention a few. This playlist contains “saxy” horns, sensual vocals, and progressive tribal melodies. Listen below!

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