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Emerson Leif – Twenty2

A couple weeks ago Emerson Leif returned to the scene with a powerful yet chill debut original single. “Twenty2” is an electro chill treat that sees the innovative singer/songwriter/producer bringing together elements of pop and mellow hip-hop influence to a very hybrid and very dope soundscape. The more I bump this single the more I […]

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Cavanaugh Myles & James Kahil

Every so often the universe bestows upon us a insanely fire bop. And this is one of those instances. Introducing none other than Cavanaugh Myles & James Kahil’s collaboration “AfterParty”. The groovin’ dancehall joint gives a laid back feels that’s perfect. It’s times like these that I love to dive deep into music […]

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Paul van Dyk- Music Rescues Me ft. Plumb

Joining forces with familiar voices, Paul van Dyk returns with Plumb in “Music Rescues Me”. Ahead of the October release studio album of the same name, the Trance pioneer teams up with the signer who perfectly crafter the vocals in his 2012 hit “I Don’t Deserve You”. The track features reverberating guitar strains which open […]

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