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REPORT: Nirvana Sues Marc Jacobs For Ripping Off Their Iconic Smiley Face

Nirvana is reportedly suing fashion designer Marc Jacobs for jacking the band’s signature smiley face logo. According to the new lawsuit, brought to light by TMZ, a piece from the brand’s 2018 “Bootleg Redux Grunge” collection utilizes the likeness of Nirvana’s smiley face without permission. Apparently swapping out the “X” eyes with cleverly placed “M” and […]

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Wakaan Announces First Ever Curated Festival

Wakaan has been on a  roll this year with consistent releases from their artists like Minnesota, Peekaboo and Esseks. Yesterday, they officially announced their very own curated event happening next year in October. Earlier in August, Wakaan was teasing the possibility of its own curated festival. The label went to Facebook asking fans what month is their […]

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